The independent Ability Measure for Golf


The independent Ability Measure

This golfing journey has begun!

This golfer can successfully take part in an introductory coaching session with a fully qualified golf pro. You may have hit a golf ball in the air with or without assistance.


The independent Ability Measure

Pitch, chip, putt and away!

This golfer can play a hole in 12 shots or less.
At this stage you are developing your grip, balance and ball striking. You can chip, pitch and putt with occasional accuracy and you are finding your full swing.

Key Skills: Play a hole in 12 shots or less

Equivalence: Junior Golf Passport START or LEARN


The independent Ability Measure

On the course, filled with potential!

This golfer can play a full round of golf. You are building your understanding of shot and club selection. You are now playing with an established handicap between 36 and 25.

Equivalence: Handicap 36 - 25
Junior Golf Passport PLAY


The independent Ability Measure

Stepping up to the next level!

This golfer can select and play most basic golf shots, finding the fairways and greens with some success. Both your long and short game are starting to become fairly reliable, your swing is finding it’s groove and putting is becoming more accurate. You have a handicap between 24 and 18.

Equivalence: Handicap 24 - 18


The independent Ability Measure

Advanced skills are on the menu now!

This golfer can take on most golf courses in the world. You are a proficient club player with a solid swing and an increasingly steady game. You would expect a few par holes per round. You have a handicap between 17 and 10.

Equivalence: Handicap 17 - 10


The independent Ability Measure

Perseverance is paying off!

This golfer can always apply the basics of good golf - consistency, distance control and course management. You have most of the shots worked out performing them with power, touch and accuracy. Getting par on most holes you may even pick up the odd birdie. You have a handicap between 9 and 3.

Equivalence: Handicap 9 - 3


The independent Ability Measure

Control, power, accuracy - par!

This golfer can perform consistently under pressure, adding more power and accuracy to the basics of good golf. Consistently threatening par for the course and always hunting birdies - you have a full repertoire of shots and an outstanding attribute around which your game may be based. You have a handicap between 2 and +2.

Equivalence: Handicap 2 - +2


The independent Ability Measure

A very good golfer indeed!

This golfer can compete and win at national level. You have been in the top 100 national rankings and/or played on the Challenge Tour. You display skills and tournament success matched by very few in the country. Your technique, power, control and consistency are truly something special! You have a handicap of +3 or better.

Equivalence: A top 100 national ranking or played the European Challenge Tour.


The independent Ability Measure

The golfing Elite!

This golfer can compete and win at an international level. You are a world class player with extensive tournament success. You are a great national ambassador of golf on a global stage. You have been in the top 100 of the PGA world rankings.

Equivalence: A top 100 PGA World Tour ranking.


The independent Ability Measure

A genuine golfing hero!

This golfer is a blazing Explorer, an international, timeless icon of our sport. You have influenced the very fabric of golf. You are a pioneer, the definition of golf and an inspiration for all of us!

Equivalence: Inspired a generation and changed the sport of golf.


GOLF is the frustrating art of hitting a small white ball into a small hole which sometimes feels very far away.

iAM Golf

The independent Ability Measure [iAM] in Golf represents the 10 colour milestones along your golfing journey. From your very first lesson all the way through to becoming an international golfing Icon… we are there for the whole course.

To find out what skills are required to reach each new colour 'ability measure' in golf, simply explore the 10 colours above.

You can also download our 'Golf Ability Measure' poster as an easy reminder of what you need to practice to get to that next milestone!

Of course if you just want a nice clean golf action shot to put up on your wall, or use as wall paper (digital or physical!) - simply download the 'Golf Action Poster'.

It's worth knowing that we do send you a lovely A3 version of this poster when you buy a Golf iAM Band.


Whilst independent, iAM Bands is adaptable. It has been designed to complement any legitimate or National Governing Body (NGB) recognised progression pathways and awards schemes in the sport of Golf.

The 'Golf Ability Measure' download also shows how the handicap system and the Junior Golf Passport are requirements to earning an iAM Band. If you already have a golf handicap or have already taken part in the Junior Golf Passport just bring along your completed booklet to an iAM Bands Assessment Centre or ask them to look up your handicap and they will issue you with your own iAM Bands card, with a unique reference code to buy and or register your iAM Band. Easy!

Good luck - and we will see you on the fairway!

Photo Rhys Enoch, Red iAM Band Golfer. Picture by Ian Hodgson


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