Get Assessed For An iAM Band

The only way to get an iAM Band is by earning it at one of our authorised Assessment Centres.

When you book a lesson, session or class with our approved Assessment centres in your sport, you will automatically be offered a complimentary (free) iAM Bands assessment during your coaching.

Authorised iAM Bands Assessment Centre locations

Ready, Steady... Go!

The world of iAM Bands is alive! We are really excited that these amazing sports clubs and schools are already part of iAM Bands. Many, many more are signing up as authorised iAM Bands Assessment Centres. As the momentum builds the iAM Bands community will grow and your achievements will be more widely recognised at a glance.

Sports Centre, Coach, NGB?  Not yet involved?

If you are a sports club, accredited individual coach or a sporting National Governing Body (NGB), and you would like to find out more about iAM Bands please Contact Us

Here are a few facts to get you thinking:

  1. From the very beginning iAM Bands has set out to work together with all relevant NGB’s , clubs and associations involved in a wide variety of sports.
  2. An iAM Band is a fun add-on to the key role played by existing sport structures, grading systems and development pathways. Wearing a simple colour coded measure of a sporting milestone we hope will act as an additional tool to stimulate engagement and understanding amongst participants, encouraging increased participation, retention and progression in sports.
  3. We are a company that will bring positive development to the sports we get involved with. The idea is that for every iAM Band on every wrist a proportion of our sales directly benefits our authorised Assessment Centres as well as the NGBs'.