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Below are a few questions and their quick answers about buying an iAM Band, our website and other such important things we'd like you to know.

An iAM Band comes in 2 styles - ‘The Original’ and ‘The Skinny’. Both cost £9.95 when bought directly at using your unique code.
* When you buy your iAM Bands from your assessment centre in store the price is £15 - this is to cover their admin and tax liabilities.

Prices on our Site are quoted in pounds sterling (£) and include Value Added Tax (VAT) at UK rates. It may be necessary to adjust prices in the event of an increase in VAT rates.

Making Payment and Security
We take care to make Our Website safe for you to use. Card payments are not processed through pages controlled by us.
We use Paypal as our online payment service provider who will encrypt your card or bank account details in a secure environment. Charges will appear on your statement as "iAM Bands LTD”
About 5 to 10 working days.

Here's why.... once you have completed your online order, your 'fresh' iAM Band will be packaged up and sent out to you. We aim to do this within 5 working days. There shouldn't be but if there is any cause for delay we will email you to let you know.

Your iAM Band will be sent to you via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery.

From dispatch you can expect to receive you iAM Band in 3-5 working days. It may take longer to deliver to more remote locations. And if we are posting internationally you can expect longer delivery times also.

Once posted the vast majority of orders arrive within 5 working days but occasionally post can be held up or lost - which we have no control over.

If your iAM Band has not arrived within 30 days of placing your order please email us and we will arrange a replacement.

Our Terms and Conditions cover in more detail what happens if you knowingly receive your iAM Band but tell us you haven’t.
When you buy your iAM Band, your payment will be taken online at the point of ordering. This means that if you decide to cancel your order or return it you will need to request a refund.

You can cancel your order and request a full refund anytime before we dispatch it. [This takes between 1 and 5 days].
After we have posted your iAM Band, you can change your mind about your order providing you notify us within 7 days of receiving your iAM Band and that you return it to us within 14 days. If you do, we will refund you in full and make sure you get your full refund within 14 days of us receiving your returned iAM Band. We cannot refund your money if the iAM Band has been opened from its packaging.

To request a refund please just drop us a line stating the reasons why.

Unfortunately we cannot refund the cost of postage and packaging for the return.

Yes. iAM Bands are designed not to come off or break when being worn. They are also particularly hard wearing! This is because the rope we use is made exclusively for us by Marlow Ropes - one of the premier rope manufacturers in the world.

You may find, however, that as the years go by of proudly wearing your iAM Band the rope could start to look a little more 'lived in'. If you don’t like this look then post it back to us with a little note asking us to the replace the rope and we will; for free!
You can but with your parents/guardians permission.

Why do I need their permission? Well, in simple terms… it’s the LAW. Data protection, online safeguarding of ‘minors’ and banking regulations dictate what we can, cannot and should do with regards to how we operate iAM Bands. We strive to be an honest, open and safe company for everyone involved so this means asking your parent or guardian to be with you when you register and buy your iAM Band.
Though we would like to think that this would never happen given the quality of our iAM Bands, if you do receive an iAM Band that is faulty we will replace it. Sorry!

OR, if you are sent an incorrect order we will replace the iAM Band received in error with the correct one. Sorry again.

To tell us about a faulty of incorrect order please drop us a line giving as much detail as possible about the fault or error. Please do this within 30 days of the fault becoming apparent.

If we agree that there is a fault or incorrect order we will ask you to return the iAM Band. When you do please send it back to us, so far as possible, in its original condition along with its packaging.

You will receive a replacement iAM Band within 14 days [from the date we receive your returned iAM Band].

Where a return is agreed we will cover the costs of postage and packaging for the return of your iAM Band.
We offer Free UK delivery, to all locations.

If your delivery address is outside of the UK, we will charge standard postage costs from the UK to where you live. These postage costs will be calculated and added to your total amount to pay when you buy your iAM Band. You may be required to pay import duties and taxes when your iAM Band reaches your country. These and any additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility.

Don't worry, just drop us a line , with a subject header along the lines of 'My unique reference code won't work!'. In the enquiry box please include the following information - the unique reference code, the sport in which you were assessed, your achieved level, the name and location of the Assessment Centre and the date of your assessment. We will then do some detective work and make sure you get the iAM Band you have earned!
Aaaarrghhh… this is one of the more tricky ones! The whole philosophy of iAM Bands is to recognise peoples true ability and achievements - and the unique codes on the reference cards are a key step in this process. So we can't just issue you with another card.

Nobody wants 'easy' iAM Bands to be floating around out there - we all have to earn them!

So… the best thing to do is to get back in touch with your assessment centre, hopefully they will recognise you and issue you with a new replacement card - free of charge, of course. If you do find your original card after being issued with your replacement one - please destroy it.

Worst, worst case scenario - you will have to go back and get assessed all over again - who knows… you might even get to the next colour iAM Band this time… always a silver lining!

This website is operated by iAM Bands Ltd and we take your privacy seriously.
We do not pass your contact details or any other information that could identify you as an individual on to third parties of any kind (unless required to do so by law). Information that does not identify you may be used in a general way by us and shared with third parties for example to provide demographic information about people wearing iAM Bands or usage of a particular page on Our site.

If you have bought an iAM Band your name will appear here in the 'Verif'id' search function on the homepage of our Site. Visitor to our Site can type in a persons name and find the sport they like doing, check the level they perform it at and confirm who assessed them. If you decide you do not want to be 'Verif'id' you can easily change this by logging in to your iAM Bands account.

Please read our full Privacy Notice which describes in more detail how and why we obtain, store and process data which can identify you.
Simply… just ask. While it may seem quite straight forward, our wall of fame is actually quite a tricky little patchwork of data. So if you would like to remove your picture, just drop us a line, stating your username and a brief description of the image in question and we will do it for you… easy!
iAM Bands come in 2 styles. 'The Original' and 'The Skinny'.
Both styles of iAM Band are made of unique rope, exclusively manufactured for us in the UK by the legendary Marlow Ropes Ltd. Both styles feature a stainless steel iAM Bands marker which has our logo and your chosen sport etched on to it.

This is the Original style of iAM Band. It is hard wearing and rugged! Made of tough stuff, so wear with caution, this iAM Band is not coming off easily! 'The Original' is sized to fit over larger hands but when fully tightened it is perfectly at home on smaller wrists too. We do recommend though, that for a lighter look or for younger children, you opt for 'The Skinny' version.
Size range
Maximum circumference = 28cm when fully extended.
Minimum circumference = 14.5cm when fully tightened.
3mm thick, 16 plait polyester cover, twisted polyester core. Average Break load – 202 kg. Manufactured exclusively by Marlow Ropes Ltd.
Surgical grade 316 stainless Steel. Brushed finish, rounded edges.
Length 8mm, Height 8mm

This is our lighter version of 'The Original' iAM Band. The same build quality with a thinner rope and a more slender marker. Elegant Toughness! Wear with caution, this iAM Band is stronger than you might think! 'The Skinny' has been introduced specifically with a smaller wrist in mind, it is recommended for younger children or those looking for a lighter feel. If you have larger hands you might want to steer towards “The Original” version.
Size range
Maximum circumference = 24cm when fully extended.
Minimum circumference = 13.5cm when fully tightened.
1.5mm thick, 12 plait polyester construction. Average Break load – 113 kg.
Manufactured exclusively by Marlow Ropes Ltd.
Surgical grade 316 stainless Steel. Brushed finish, rounded edges.
Length 8mm, Height 4.5mm

No. An iAM band is yours and yours alone. It is an award for your effort and achievement during your assessment. It is a measure of your skills, your milestones reached on your sporting journey. To give it to someone else would not be a truly honest reflection of you or them. This is the reason why you can’t just choose a colour and buy one. You have to earn it!

We feel very strongly about this and so does our genuine iAM Band community.

There are steps we would take if we found that people where buying, wearing or selling iAM Bands that had not been awarded to them through authorised assessment. It isn’t something we enjoy writing about but if you want to know more please see our full Terms and Conditions
An iAM Band has been made not to come off. Because of this we advise that you take it off if you are doing something where you think your iAM Band might get caught on something.

An iAM Band is not intended for any use other than for the purpose to be worn around the wrist as jewellery. iAM Bands Ltd can not accept any responsibility or liability for any accident, injury or death caused by using iAM Bands for any other purpose than for which it is made for.

iAM Bands are not intended to be worn by children under 48 months.

If you have modified your iAM Band or altered it in anyway from the original state it arrived in then it will no longer be fit for the purpose that it is intended for. This will also void our warranty to you.
Its easy. Login to your iAM Bands account and upload a photo from there.

If you are under 16 your parent or guardian will have set up an iAM Bands account on your behalf. Ask them to login and upload your photo. Make sure we can see your iAM Band.

We can not guarantee that you will appear on the Wall of Fame but that just adds to the excitement. Will you, won't you?!!
It happens, things get lost. We understand this. If you lose your iAM Band just drop us a line and we will replace it at a cost of £5. We will ask you where you were assessed and to confirm your contact details - they will need to match the ones you provided us with when you first bought your iAM Band.

If you lose your iAM Band a second time then unfortunately we can not offer you a replacement. You will need to go back to an iAM Band Assessment Centre and be reassessed.
We are a young company, but growing fast – our philosophy is “ the more the merrier’. We are aiming to get as many sports on board as possible, but it takes time.
So if you have a contact at your local club, or you know someone in the NGB of your sport just drop us a line pass on their details and we will let them know you care! We will also tell them how they can benefit from being part of this exciting new movement.
Just just drop us a line and we can take it from there. We would love to hear from you and there is lots we can discuss. Join our community - it will be great!
iAM Bands as an idea was born in Cornwall, UK. It was conceived with surfing in mind but was quickly embraced by other sports. iAM Bands have been made a reality by some amazing people who really deserve some praise… without their help and support we would be nothing!

Mark and Gareth at McLays, Matt at DesignUNLTD, Tom and the boys at Blue Zoo, Pat McKeeman - film wizard, Ryan Jones the musical genius, Jon and Matt at Marlow, Alan and the team at Grow Cornwall, Miss Flowers, Nick at Octane, Rob, PC - and of course all the friends and family who have supported us along the way - you rule!!

But the people who really make iAM Bands special are all the coaches, teachers and experts whose sports clubs and training centres make up the authorised iAM Band Assessment Centres. Not only do these individuals determine what colour iAM Band you are, but they also help us to develop and agree the Key Skills tests in their sport. It is this personal involvement from people who are passionate about their sport that is at the very heart of iAM Bands and ensures we remain authentic and credible... Very important people indeed.
Here at iAM Bands we want to help as many people as possible along their sporting journey, whether they are just beginning or well on their way to developing a passion for life....

To do this we work hard to ensure that the sports you love directly benefit from you wearing your iAM Band. We have committed to set aside 10% of our annual profits to support sporting charities, participating governing bodies and activities - so as more sports come on board we will be able to do more good - amazing!

So we think you can feel good about wearing your iAM Band. Proud and good!!! A perfect combination.
Ahhh - glad you asked. Derived from the ancient Greek word - 'porphura', the original purple dyes (often called Tyrian Purple) were created by exposing the slimy, milky mucus excreted by the 'spiny dye murex' (a small sea snail) to air. Due to it's scarcity, price and superior visual qualities this Tyrian Purple has long been associated with royalty, emperors and the high priests as well as 'saintliness'. So we thought it only right that our Icons, the best of the best… the modern-day sporting gods and saints should be represented by this regal colour!

BUT… and this is very important… we feel that all of us - every single person has their own greatness within them. We are all Icons, we are all part of the incredible - so if you look really closely at every iAM Band, you will see a purple fleck running through it - that is your greatness - your potential…. your purple. Ohh and we promise that we did not harm any snails or squeeze them for slime!!
We ask everyone who has bought an iAM Band to do this.
This so that we can register each iAM Band to the athlete who has earned it.
The good news is that once you have an account you can login in to change your personal settings, watch iAM Bands videos and most importantly upload pictures to our Wall Of Fame. Having an account also makes things easier when you come to buy your next iAM Band.
You can login via the menu.

You will need your username and password.

You will have chosen a username when you bought your first iAM Band. We will have emailed you confirmation of this at that time.

Only you will know your password. Hopefully you made a note of it. You can always reset your password from the login page.
You can't.

This is so that your iAM Band will always be registered to the athlete who earned it.

If you have changed your name just drop us a line , with a subject header along the lines of 'I have changed my name, please amend my details'.

We will get back in touch if we need proof of your name change, otherwise keep logging into your account to check if the changes have been made. If nothing has happened after 14 days give us a gentle prod.

If you prefer a little legal speak and a more indepth exploration of all things to do with the regulation of the business relationship between us and you then here are our full Terms and Conditions

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